06 September 2005

Muse Me

Iit's gonna be one of those weeks, where sweaty-humid nites are gonna be spent in the hall, lazy days in class, the library and the bed.. u know one, when tuesday itself sees you begging for the weekend to rush n come..

Emotionally taxing and bodily tiring..

I wanna put my feet up on the table, n say, "hey! How's life today? I'm doin great"
Bt instead i say, "wt's new?"

The brunt of sarcasm borne by the cynic is harmful to even the pessimist in that person.
Everyone can be independant, bt it's nice to just unload everything onto a cart and send it on the fast track to kingdom come.

Like i've said, damn Cinderella, n Snow White n all the others.. those that made me want 2 and those that make me find 1 unnaturally displeasurable...

But, it only makes u stronger.. wt do they say again? pave the roads today, to walk on tommrow.

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

now now.
it's great to see that you're actually working, running up and down univ trying to finish ur shit up.


let's sit outside and smoke now.