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Where is God? What is God?

What is God? Where is God?

It's a question that one of my roomates asked me and to that i have this to say.

He does not exist.

She agress wit me and rationalizes, if he existed then there ought not be so much suffering in this world.

not necessarily, i say. Happiness is relative: a man from the hills who has been deprived of all the technology that we in the city posess pities us. They do not have the peace that i have at home.

What about the people in Somalia, she sayz.

well sure, they have enough reason to be unhappy. The have no food, they have nothing that we can see for them to be happy about. But if all ur life one of the only things that u felt, as a constant was hunger then how would u knw the difference. I gave her an example of a program i watched on discovery. Basically there was a woman stating, she did not want to leave her house or her home. Considering the government was relocating everyone, because her land was not meant to be fertile. And she says, i do not care if it is. it will be hard for us to live, but i cannot relocate like the others. this is the only place that i have lived, and i think the hardship is easier to take than the relocation.

So how do we knw that there are ppl suffering. I am not sayin that they can't live better, ofcourse they can.I am not sayin there's harm in sympathesizing. But i mean, happiness is what u choose it to be. U can make it, u can unmake it. No need for God to get involved.

So, she sez, u say God does exist.

I told her i don't personally believe he does. I mean, when we can find happiness and satisfaction we have to look inside. A person who is looking for their soul mate will find them. But if they dunno what they want in their soul mate they can never be happy with what they find. A person to think they are not complete singular, mite think they are with another. But u are born as a person, so why would a person be born incomplete? When all that is taken into account, we are happy individuals. If we are happy within, then wheres the need to look, find God outside? If he exists, then fine...good for him. But I'd rather he have nothin to do with my life, i'd prefer to find my own happiness- another story, borrowed frm the series called LOST.
A moth, is in a cocoon. It struggles to get out of the cocoon. Anyone watching it can help its struggle, we cld always take a penknife and cut it open gently so that it can emerge. It will emerge, pretty. But it will not survive, because it's not strong enough to face the outside.
So i want to be strong on my own, i don't need God. I think he needs me to remember him, for if no one remembered God....he wouldn't exist.


baah said…
yo sab

well interesting entry u got there, but i have to disagree w some of it man. u said how do we know that ppl are suffering? well wat about about the tsunami victims and their families, those ppl are definitely suffering. i mean, no matter how hard u try to find that inner happiness, when uve lost ur loved ones, family, friends, and are u supposed to find even an inkling of happiness? u lost almost all that u knew.

oh and i loved the way u ended ur entry. "I think he needs me to remember him, for if no one remembered God....he wouldn't exist." it got me thinking.

but to answer the main question of your entry, i dont know anymore whether god exists or not. i used to know so. now i am just a lost child! oh well. hopefully it will all come together soon.
anyway, take care of urself buddy
and dont miss me too much!
Sarah said…
Whether GOD really exists or not. No one really knows for sure. We have no real proof of his existence. We've never seen him or touched him. For all we know, the idea of a higher being was all fictionalized by some Monarch, to instil fear in his ppl and remain in power.

Then why do we continue to believe in him? We'll never really know whether he exist or not until we die. BUT we have faith. Why? Bcos we need faith in something/someone bigger than us in this world, to keep us SANE. To give us HOPE when all seems lost. And to keep us HUMBLE knowing that we're nobody compared to God and that he can giveth as easily as he can taketh. So we have to always be grateful and cherish the things we do have..while we still have them.

Theres nothing wrong with having faith, now Is There? And GOD help us, in the form of Religion. But whether we take or accept his 'help'..thats another thing. As the saying goes "God helps those who help themselves".

But why is there soo much suffering in the world? and if GOD exist, Why cant he help these ppl who are suffering? I really dunno. but Put aside suffering cos my natural disasters for a mo. , most of the suffering in this world is Man-made. God puts us on earth, gives us guidance thru his prophets and holy books. And leaves the rest to us. The world is the way it is bcos WE made it that way. Its our own doing. and only we can reverse that.

ALL religions have one main goal or the basis of all religions (put aside all the misguided teachings)is to help guides us through life to become better people. Its not necessarily to make us happier...moreover to teach us how to be content. Happiness is only temporary feeling, but contentment can last u a lifetime. You cant always get what u want, so to be happy with the what u DO have, how little it may be, thats priceless.

And i agree, pure Happiness comes from within.. noone and nothing can make u happy, unless u want to be happy, make the effort to be happy. And like u said..Its all in the mind.

A Soulmate is NOT the person who fits all your criterias..but the person who best compliments YOU/who you are, as a whole person. Theres no such thing as the perfect person. Nobodies perfect. But we hope that one day we'll meet someone that, despite all our flaws and physical defects we know we all have, will be able to look past that as see us as perfect. And like happiness, perfection too is a matter of the mind.

i'm not trying to preach here, Hun. I dunno what i'm doing exactly..just started typing..and 8 paras later Here I am!..Lol I think i've gone off topic abit. Sorry, Hope u understand atleast some of it..Haha I believe in GOD partly bcos of religion and partly bcos i just do. The feeling that u're never really alone in this world and that someones always there looking out for you... its a good feeling. And at the same time it gives me someone to 'blame' for the unexplanable things in life..haha cos there are too many so rather that go insane trying to explain it.. 'only God knows why'.
Sabitha said…
How do we knw we need faith when we've never even tried living life lacking it?
Sarah said…
We don't know. Its possible that some people live life just fine without the need for faith. And this would be possible for everyone else IF...we as individuals lived a problemless life. But we don't now do we?

Like the passage u took from LOST, He says that 'GOD needs him to remember GOD.. for GOD to exist' but isnt it 'him' who remembers GOD bcos he needs GOD (period). ?? He is reminded of GOD cos he is in need and has no one else to turn to. Most ppl will live a carefree life without GOD until BOOM! they hit a big bump in the road. Then the first person they think of is GOD. Often to blame first then ask for his help. The Idea of GOD gives ppl hope when things seem hopeless. Without this 'hope' alot of people (in the extreme cases) will find no use in living...and eventually kill themselves. If some ppl are strong enuf to survive on their own without this 'dependancy' ..good for them. But most ppl are not that strong. and Theres nothing wrong with asking for help. =)
Sabitha said…
wait la... the passage frm lost is only the moth story... i made that line myself! I just say...if no one ever told us about GOd would we still believe in him? ... it's in built... we are socialized into believing in God i.e. God is a social construction, not a reality. Just like we believe that it is instinctive to turn to God when we need help, when in truth it isn't... God it self, i tend to believe is a myth.. ofcourse, the concept has its advantages.. bt if we adress the fact that he mite not exist we mite not be asking him for help, but asking someone who can help to help... to compare.. it feels good, sure enuff, to call out to ur lost keys when ur running late and u HAVE to find them... "keys where are uuuu??" but doesn't mean the keys will jump up to find you... similarily, if you want to believe God does exist for spiritual's all well and good... bt for the tangible problems u need the tangible... not the abstract.
John T. Byrne said…
As for me, if not for my faith in God, then such examples of suffering as listed, and God knows there are many amy more, would be even more difficult to accept. I am not sure why, because it goes against a very strong part of my own own will, but the giving of self to those around makes me happy. It's the application of the old sayin' "giving is recieving.". It sucks that these things occur, but God has nothing to do with there occurrance, He has only given us a solution. My interaction with others has brought a deeper understanding of myself, and of God, that has at times resulted in an overwhelming sense of happiness. In the least I am content. For others who may be asking the same questions I once did, I simply suggest you spend less time focused on yourself, and help others. You may, like I have, find dreams, and most importantly do so in happiness and with some peace of mind.
Reality said…
You are right. Who is god? Is he a figment of our imagination or a tale created by a priest who wanted to have power over an audience? Is the priest a mere story teller or an ordinary person who can influence people into thinking in a certain manner.

But then again, isn't there a higher power? We can ignore the fact that there maybe a higher power, but can we reject its effect on us? How would we know it is a higher power if we do not believe in it? Isn't belief one of the most important thing in our lives?

We can be happy or sad in our lives depending on our situation. It is known that, "Contentment is the GREATEST WEALTH".

So whether there be a GOD or not, we can believe that there is a god and be content with that thought. This being that if anything happens it is due to him, or we can be content with the fact that whatever occurs, it is due to our OWN choices, and OUR CHOICES ALONE...

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