17 April 2005

What the hell are we?

Nuthin like the early morning bird squawk to make u wanna buy a gun and go on an excution mission of all the feathered creatures that u mite come across. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Bloody Squawk-head!
In the 80s we had the Afros... we made fun of all our parents/uncles for running around in permed hair that was so large the face looked like a fullstop next to giant wheel, ha bt now we have the Nigga-Speak... running arnd heads in caps, sunglasses at night, bandannas, bandages and block pants..the lower it goes the cooler it is... but it won't slip off coz there's that belt holding it all together..ofcourse it hangs loose at the end as well, to tuck it in is too un-cool, too white-boy. Try explainin that to who ever it is that laughs at u.
Bitch fights in open air, the question of 'fake love'- was it true or not? Did u really really love me?? (batting eyelids)- or was it all just pretend because if it was pretend ur such a whore, i hate u forever and ever-
If it was that fake, there's not ne thing that u can say to make them feel jack shit regretfull cz it was all in the plan and well, if it wasn't fake ur only hurting the person who cared for u, hurting them because ur too busy batting ur eyelids, house-pourin ur tears into a well soo deep, it could be a metaphor for ur brain.

At the end of the day, i wonder could it, pardon my blasphemous state of thought, but i wonder, is it all in the quest for attention...cz someone just has to has to look at u ALL the time.

INFIDELITY: so u would take ur boyfriend lying to u, nt showing up for half the dates that u fix for him, nt necessarily making u feel like gold, treating u like an acessory a forgotten one at that but he's highly a one woman man, what a commendation, what an achievement...like it was his natural right to have more than one, like he chose to be with one that he loved, when infact it was his instinctive need to have more that one woman. When it comes to him kissing someone you call it quits? So all ur life u go around looking for that man of character, that sensitivity, that job but when it comes to the touching of one lip with another, all THAT down the drain because nevermind he is the person u love the most, never mind he is the nicest guy that u've met, never mind he makes u think ur his princess, but what a shame he's chosed to kiss someone else. What a shame he has to go. Tsk tsk, he din respect u enuff. What a shame tht ur only human(much like him) prone and allowed to make mistakes.

SLUTS: I respect sexual workers, for what ever reason they are in their profession they have my respect, the same amount to ne one who's nt bumming arnd. I think their profession should be legalized, am all for ne thing that accounts or equals an acknowledgement of their existence not only as women, citizens but at workers, as those who feed the economy. But I get insulted when i am called that. Why? I mean i totally respect them- what is this socially inbuilt constraint that i need to identify and get rid off coz it's sooo not the me that i am right now....like seriously!

Consciousness is a potential technology; we are exquisite machines, nothing less than sentient patterns. As such, there's no convincing technical reason we can't eventually upload ourselves into matrices of our design and choosing. It's extremely likely the phenomenon we call "intelligence" will cease to be strictly biological as we begin to merge with our machines more meaningfully and intimately. Philip K. Dick once wrote that "living and nonliving things are exchanging properties." I suspect that in a few hundred years, separating the animate from the inanimate will probably be an exercise in futility. Ultimately, we have two options: self-mutate by venturing off-planet in minds and bodies of our own design, or succumb to extinction.


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