10 April 2005

Ten Cents- Cantaloupe.

Oi what's wrong with you?

Oi no, what the fuck is wrong with you?

So i ask you to come and you don't want to come because for once ur not given a fucking red carpet invitation... well i'm sorry but if ur thinking your still 'in' it, go ahead but note to yourself, you're not that in it. You are not the person that i knew, and i know that you can do so much better that what you are now. Why should i respect, acknowledge or be with a lesser than better version of yourself? Your not yourself, or your not the self that i knew you to be. I've seen you as a better person, I mean, since when did you get so self conceited, where the hell did that ego come from? There was a time when you sed you would give so much just so that you could keep all the friends that you make and all the ones that you made, and now you don't even care. I mean, i Understand people have their own growth patterns and perhaps your looking at something in such a different light that i don't get it, but but, i don't like the person that you've become. And i don't want to be a part of that person anymore, it's not your fault it is my own because i cannot force this. I Cannot be that person that you have become, fake my friends and fake my feelings so that i don't have to walk alone. I'd rather walk alone than wake up one day and find that i've lost the sense of myself that i've been building long before i even came to know you. In short, forgive me for not wanting to be and no longer being the person who gives a shit about you.

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