03 April 2005

Lessons in Light

I never knew strength till yesterday happened. For what it's worth i've always thought that i am strong, physically....or atleast strong enough to keep myself safe... and yesterday's experience of trying to stop a friend if i may call him so, from being picked on or rather beaten up by his 'nemesis', made me realize that the last time i probably experieced the full force of someone's stregnth was prb the fights that i had with my brother so long ago.

I mean, i was there slightly tipsy or rather pretty tipsy and trying to hold him back to prevent him from kicking the dude, bt he could just push me aside, as though the weight i was putting on him was nothing. It scares me in an integral way because, well... this is when it hits me that perhaps i am in someway a liability to myself....i mean yes, there have been many a time when people have told me not to think i'm some sort of strong woman yadda yadda ya....bt i never listen to them because i have had no reason, up until now to believe that i am not that... but now i do... it mite seem like i have lived my life under a cotton wall... but it's just a matter of what u knw versus what they knw... why believe wholly and completely something u are sure of urself just because everyone else says so... that's the thing...the reason that life is never supposed to be easy,.. we can learn our lessons from someone else's mistake or we could put ourselves in the spot and learn from our own mistakes...i have to say that i prefer the former... and well lesson well learnt... when two ppl want to get on eachother's case...they will find ways of doin so...regardless of what ne one in between says...and as far as vested interest goes...if there is enough reason for u to look into the matter go right on ahead bt if there's nothin in it for u then screw it... he he he....

'Blessed is the one
who reads the words of this prophecy, and
blessed are those
who hear it
and take to heart
what is written in it,
because the time is near.'

Revelation 1:3

But i want to knw how it feels to be un-blessed... so why take to heart something that hasn't been shown to be right still?

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