16 April 2005



Gulitinous rice balls covered with generous amounts of grated coconut, thick kuay teow noodles in spicy soup, barbecued chicken and okra,cold coconut milk jelly. One wet, cold, muddy, shivering indian girl amongst the havoc raising, amazingly charged sharpshooting Burmese youngsters. WELCOME TO THE BURMESE WATER FESTIVAL! (where no one leaves dry or hungry!)

ha ha ha, that was as fun to write as it was to attend! So yea, the celebration placed on the last day of the Burmese New Year (which lasts 4 whole days)is absolutely AMAZING. Started as one of my housemates and I made our way to what appeared to be a crowd of strangers. Ha ha apparently, at this festival u dun have to knw someone to chuck water at them.

We were greeted by smiles and ppl holding mugs of water that was non-hesitantly chucked over bth of us while we still struggled to look for someone we knew. After being thoroughly drenched by the welcoming fire brigade, we found our two burmese housemates, ready to hug us, it din matter they were wet and soaking for we were the same and in a minute, the food, the yummy food arrived along with some rummy-fruit punch.

But to let someone off so easy is apparently also not the tradition. While were were sitting there, generous friends comtinued with emptying out their mini-pails, some warm water, some normal water, some bloody cold freezing water and floating ice cubes..on our heads and bodies...all to the accompanying sound of burmese music.

Ofcourse, u din hear that very well. What with everyone runing everywhere with water jugs..that ofcourse until someone mixed up the charcoal with bits of water to make mud that was generously shared... and so i went being so naive, to think that now that i was practically pretty wet, i would be excused, to fill up some water with a stolen pail to wash my face...except i was chucked head first into the pool... all in the name of good fun...that went around plenty..the only regret being that i din get there earlier...well till next year!

Jesu Ba..to all those today who made the evening one so fun!

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